Macy’s Parade 2018: Diana Ross doesn’t even bother lip-syncing

Macy'sOne of the strangest moments of the entire Macy’s Parade this year happened close to the end, and it’s courtesy of the incomparable Diana Ross.

Basically, what we learned today is this: If you are Diana Ross, you can really do whatever you want. It doesn’t matter at all if you want to hold a microphone, lip-sync, or really even put on the illusion of lip-syncing. You can just go out there and have a good time and everyone will love you.

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We have to admit that there was something oddly entertaining about how little Diana Ross cared about the illusion of anything — it was just Thanksgiving and she clearly said “screw it” to the concept of parade tradition. You couldn’t even see her mouth moving through some of the performance (in part because the camera-people seem clearly confused as to what to focus on) and it was oddly entertaining.

Ross was joined on the parade by a number of her family members, including daughter / black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross, and they all seemed to be into it and having a good time with almost everything from start to finish. (Ross is promoting a new album, which is why she was there in the first place.)

Moving forward, let’s suggest that all parade performances be like this one — totally inexplicable but also extremely memorable. We do also think that Ross, on some level, had to certainly be aware of the fact that her performance on the parade has ZERO bearing on whether or not people buy her album. She knows that just showing up, having fun, and reminding everyone of her awesomeness is really her responsibility here.

Overall, we do think that Ross’ appearance at the parade puts a nice pin in the overall experience — this is a ridiculous tradition often full of ridiculous performances and product-placement galore. Nothing on the Macy’s Parade should be taken altogether serious and we’re more than fine with that. This is a parade, after all, that featured people dressed as Christmas trees and a lot of people who were clearly miserable to be out in the cold. (Just another reminder that this was one of the coldest Thanksgivings on record in New York City, where the parade was held this year.)

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