Into the Badlands season 3: Where could the story go from here?

Into the Badlands season 3 episode 9 return date

In today’s edition of our Midseason Preview series, we’re looking at a show in Into the Badlands that is technically airing on AMC — a show that doesn’t follow necessarily the same “season” model that we get over on the broadcast networks.

Yet, it is clear to us that the martial-arts drama is one of our most-anticipated series when it does actually come out in the new year … whenever it is that the network decides to premiere it. We’ve heard conflicting reports on that, but most do suggest that come around the end of February, the series should be back. Should.

As for what you should expect, first and foremost you have the cliffhanger with Henry and Sunny. Sunny did whatever he could to help his son get better, but the trade-off there is that in turn, he may have allowed Pilgrim to accumulate even more power. It feels pretty clear moving into the second part of this season that Pilgrim is the biggest threat within this world, and we imagine that Sunny is going to have to figure out how to deal with that threat. One of the larger dangers that he possesses here is just that he is so influential. He also is so steadfast in his own beliefs that it is easier to bring some others over to his cause.

Meanwhile, it definitely does seem like The Master’s arrival is going to have some larger ramifications, especially to The Widow, and eventually much of what we’re seeing could culminate in yet another battle.

The hardest thing that comes previewing the upcoming batch of episodes is the great deal uncertainty that is around them. After all, there is no confirmation at present as to whether or not we’re gearing up for the end of the series or there’s a chance for something more beyond it. Do we think that there is potential for something more, something even bigger and bolder? Absolutely, but it’s really just going to come down to whatever AMC wants there.

What Into the Badlands is bringing to midseason

That’s simple: a style and substance that is completely its own. This is one of the most visually-stunning shows in all of TV and just about every time we see it, it finds a way to remind us of that once more. As pretty as it is and as awesome as some of the action sequences are, there is just the right amount of humor in here, as well. It knows precisely what it is, which isn’t something that we can say for everyone other series that is out there, and how to ensure that its loyal audience is satisfied.

Now, we just have to wait eagerly for its return.

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