Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 9 preview: Who’s in the most danger?

DanMoving into tonight’s Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 9, all bets are off and people who were previously safe may now find themselves in danger. This is what we love about this game, and it’s certainly what we hope is going to be coming up throughout the upcoming episode.

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We should start this article off with a reminder of what happened just this past week: We saw the elimination of John Hennigan (you can read our interview with John here) who was extremely well-liked and also appeared to be extremely safe. There wasn’t exactly anyone who was treating him as the #1 threat on the board; he was just a consensus pick for three people in Nick, Davie, and Christian to go after as a smart contingency plan to ensure that the Goliath tribe unraveled.

As we move forward, things could be going from bad to worse with the Goliaths and in part in may be because of their own doing. After losing John and losing one of his immunity idols, Dan may be starting to unravel. He kept Angelina around, someone who could be loyal to him after what happened (though that is not guaranteed), but he also lost one of his closest allies other than Kara. Now, it seems like Kara is worried that if she stays too close to Dan, her game will start to fall apart in the process.

We wrote about this in our recent 5 Players to Watch feature (which we publish every Saturday), but Kara has to be careful that she doesn’t flip too dramatically from Dan. It could alienate people and make them wonder whether or not she would do something similar to them. Really, her big problem may have been just getting so close to him from the jump.

What is Nick doing?

This is the biggest question that the promo below is hinting at, as he seems to be relaying that he has an advantage in the game. As for what it is, it’s easy to theorize that it could be the vote steal, but we don’t think it’s that simple. Carl is sitting there with him after all, and we know that Carl has that idol nullifier that he got from exile island. Our theory is that Carl is going to use that this week in the event Dan plays this idol and he’s going to get totally hosed at this Tribal Council. We don’t love this as a twist in the game, largely because it’s an impossible thing for Dan to expect. Yet, it probably is going to create for some sort of excellent Survivor Tribal Council moment if that is what happens.

We’ll be back later tonight with both a written review and video discussion of what happens. Because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we won’t have an exit interview until early next week.

What do you think is going to happen moving into tonight’s Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode? Be sure to sound off in the attached comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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