The Flash season 5 episode 6 review: On Grace, Orlin, & Killer Frost

Kyle Secor
Tonight, The Flash season 5 episode 6 offered up one of the more unusual stories we’ve seen in some time. For “The Icicle Cometh,” we actually had a rare bit of tension when it comes to Cisco and Caitlin.

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Let’s kick things off with Caitlin’s father Thomas, who she was able to uncover far north of Central City. According to his story, he had been staying there for a long period of time and was working for a way to completely cure his ALS. As it turned out, he had basically forged the very thing that turned Caitlin Snow into Killer Frost — it made him better, but for most of the episode, he insisted that he didn’t have the same side effects as her. It made him better, albeit with some icy issues of its own.

Yet, and as Cisco astutely pointed out, something was really wrong with this guy — his story didn’t add up completely, and it turned out that really Thomas was looking to completely suppress the human part of him so that he could remain the meta part of himself for good. He wanted their treatment for that very reason and he wasn’t the good, caring man that Caitlin so badly wanted him to be. There was something larger, something sad lurking beneath the surface here. As it turned out, he really was a villain with his own powers and priorities. There’s a reason why this episode was named “The Icicle Cometh” given that Icicle is a character in the comics. We do think that there’s a good guy somewhere within Thomas, but he has been so corrupted and manipulated by the other side. That’s at least how we wanted to see him.

What was Icicle’s endgame?

Basically, he wanted to find a way to properly use the serum and that was entirely what his final plan tonight was all about establish himself permanently and, beyond just that, advance whatever future agenda he wanted.

Given how the speedsters were incapable of really doing anything because of the ice, this ultimately became all about Caitlin’s time to shine. She was the one person who could actually withstand what Icicle was doing and tonight, this was her opportunity in order to be a hero — it was something that she had be waiting for.

Then, the best thing happened: Killer Frost returned just in time. It was enough to keep her father from taking the serum. Unfortunately, Icicle escaped, but at least the day was (temporarily) saved and he can’t power himself up.

The closing minutes

Well, it just so turns out that Cicada doesn’t want any real treatment — ironically, the very thing that threatens his existence in metas seems to be his source of strength. The show does need to clear up things as to how his source of power comes from his wound; he’s a terrifying villain in some ways, but we need more time with him.

Yet, the team is now close to finding him since they know for sure that his daughter is Grace Givens. Meanwhile, he is Orlin Givens, and his story still has more chapters.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, The Flash delivered what was clearly the best episode of the entire season when it comes to Caitlin, as it was one that allowed us to see her finally go full Killer Frost again. As it turns out, Killer Frost has been reformed at least enough to still be on the side of Team Flash. We’re thrilled that she is back; hopefully, she’s going to be around for a good while still moving forward.

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