Ink Master season 11 episode 12 video: A fiery flash challenge

Ink MasterComing up tonight on Ink Master season 11 episode 12, you are going to have an opportunity to see yet another strange flash challenge. This one is all about detail, and you’re going to see the artists do what they can to create the perfect picture using yet another strange method of art: Burning wood.

In the video below, you can see some of what we’re talking about here. These artists have to figure out how to master using their little torches here, while at the same time create a detailed piece of art. To the winner here goes the spoils, and this time around the spoils are pretty immense: The chance to be able to be able to pick skulls so late in the game. With fewer contestants comes an opportunity to know strengths and weaknesses and target artists with that in mind. We’re also starting to get a sense of the hierarchy of the competition. Tiffer, Tony, and Teej are clearly three of the best artists still in the running, so wouldn’t you want to do something to target one of them if given the opportunity?

Based on this video alone, it seems like Team Cleen may have a slight edge — if nothing else, they feel like a more cohesive unit at the moment. While there are fewer of them working, sometimes less can really be more. It rallies people together, you have that underdog spirit, and you also have three people in Tiffer, Tony, and Turk who are all very detail-minded. This is a challenge that they could excel at. Team Christian has the potential to win this, but they also seem to be struggling to get out of their own way. There’s a tremendous amount of conflict between the artists as they are going back and forth and disputing a number of different things, whether it be the style of what they are doing or simply just making sure that it gets done in time.

The craziest thing to think about as we get near the end of this season is simply host vast much of it has gone by. Can you believe that we are nearly three months into season 12? Provided that only one person goes home on tonight’s episode, we are going to be looking at just six artists taking part in next week’s show. That’s not a lot of people and really, that means that there’s almost nowhere for some of the remaining artists to hide. Every single piece is going to matter tremendously.

Yet, for now we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, given that we are still at that point in the competition where just about anything can happen.

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