The Good Doctor season 2 episode 9 preview: A lesson in ‘Empathy’

Good Doctor season 2 episode 4Next week, The Good Doctor season 2 episode 9 is coming on the air with a story all about empathy. After all, “Empathy” just so happens to be the episode’s title! This is long a problem that Shaun has had and it’s not going to be something that immediately goes away. That’s just, unfortunately, not something that is in the cards for him.

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Yet, there are lessons that can be learned and ways that he could improve, and some of this could come about in this episode — which could end up being one of the most painful of the entire season. After all, this is going to feature one of the most controversial medical cases that we’ve seen involving a man who wants to rid himself of his pedophilic urges in whatever way that he possibly can. This leads to difficult discussions among the doctors as to how to handle this treatment, which is going to be a tough thing for them to take one.

Below, CarterMatt offers up the official The Good Doctor season 2 episode 9 synopsis with some more insight into what’s coming:

Dr. Neil Melendez, Dr. Morgan Reznick and Dr. Claire Brown grapple with a patient’s wish to perform an operation that would keep him from acting on his pedophilic urges; and Dr. Shaun Murphy learns a lesson in empathy.

As we’re starting to make it to the end of the first part of the season, that raises a number of other interesting questions. Take, for example, whether or not we’re going to have a chance to see some sort of big, game-changing twist come for some of the doctors themselves. A show like The Good Doctor has to try and balance some of the intense, patient-of-the-week storylines with things that are a little bit more personal and intimate. These are people who are so much more than just doctors who put on a lab coat and get to work.

Ultimately, The Good Doctor needs to just keep doing more of what they’ve been if they want to remain the hit that they’ve been the past year-plus. The ratings have been good, the quality has been steady, and it definitely does feel like there’s a good bit more for us to learn about a wide array of the different characters on the show. Let’s just hope that we get some big revelations along the way.

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