Supernatural season 14: The ideal crossover possibilities!

Supernatural season 13 posterIn today’s edition of Crossover November, we’re casting a focus on a series in Supernatural that, on the surface, has almost-unlimited crossover potential! We don’t know how you can say anything otherwise with the stories that we’ve seen so far. We’ve already witnessed a crossover with Scooby-Doo, two almost-spin-offs that weren’t picked up, and then also some really weird / wacky stuff that feel almost like a different show altogether.

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Like we’ve been doing with some other shows this month, we’ve come up with four great Supernatural crossover possibilities below! Some of these are reasonably realistic, whereas we’ve got one more in here that we’re probably completely out of our mind for even suggesting.

The Arrowverse – This one has been talked about a million or so times, and it is the one that makes the most sense given that they film close to each other and all air on the same network. Arrow would make the most sense tonally, and we do think that there would be something fun about a twisted two-parter in which Sam and Dean find themselves getting rid of a monster lurking through Star City. It doesn’t have to be something super-complicated to explain. After all, the Scooby crossover wasn’t.

Legacies – Out of the other shows on The CW, this one clearly makes the most sense just because this show has started to venture out and explore the idea of monsters so much more than either The Vampire Diaries or The Originals ever did. Also, it feels like Alaric would get along quite well with the Winchesters!

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – It makes a whole lot more sense content-wise than Riverdale does, even if the two shows don’t air on the same primary network. Seeing how Sam and Dean react to Sabrina and her surrounding community could be fun, especially if the guys serve as some sort of strange mentor to the character (they’ve shown via Castiel that they have no problem working with supernatural people — under the right context, of course).

The Good Place – Okay, so this is clearly the weirdest idea that we have, but what if the Supernatural version of hell is just one small dimension locked within the Bad Place? What if there are multiple kings of a hell, or maybe Ted Danson lives in some sort of parallel-universe version of the underworld? This would be completely random / hilarious; luckily, we know that Supernatural as a series is not one that wants to take itself altogether seriously.

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What do you think would serve as the perfect Supernatural crossover? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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