Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 10: Judd Hirsch, Wallace Shawn guest star

SVU season 20 artA week from Thursday, Law & Order: SVU season 20 episode 10 will air, and with that, deliver a powerful story with two powerful guest stars. Legendary actors Judd Hirsch and Wallace Shawn are each poised to appear in an episode that raises one simple question: Are these two really capable of murder?

While the promo for this episode does not give all that much away (save for the guest stars and hyping their performance), the official NBC press release details that at the forefront of this story will be the murder of a rising-star author and also a decades-long secret involving a pair of reclusive brothers. While it may not be 100% confirmed as of yet, it does feel like a reasonably safe assumption to guest that Hirsch and Shawn are playing the two brothers. This will allow the two to spend a good bit of screen time together, and we think that this is probably what you want if you are a fan of their respective work. It gives them a chance to engage in some especially-meaty rapport, and hopefully will also allow us an opportunity to see a little bit more of what happens when the going gets tought for the two of them — and it will within this episode. Even if it turns out that these two characters are not guilty of anything, the light is still going to be shined upon them.

For those of you who love SVU and watch it religiously, you may recall that this is not the first time either actor has appeared on the series. Hirsch first turned up 15 years ago for the episode entitled “Mercy.” Meanwhile, Shawn made an appearance almost ten years ago for a story entitled “Snatched.” Why does SVU re-use actors that they have brought on for other roles in the past? A part of it may just be a byproduct of having a series that is 20 years old; you can bring back people after many years for new roles and typically, their appearances are different enough that not everyone may notice. Beyond just that, there is also the simple fact that you’ve got two very accomplished actors here. If you hear that they are available, why wouldn’t you want to bring them on for another appearance? Few shows utilize guest stars as well as this one does, and this can often be either a launching pad for another gig or just something that you can hand down to voters come awards season. (We’re still surprised that SVU doesn’t get more attention in the modern day for its guest cast than it does.)

As for why we have to wait, remember that Thursday is Thanksgiving! Do you really want to see the series on the air this week, only for it to lose viewers in the process?

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