NCIS season 16 episode 8 video: A victim with the wrong nametag

NCISDo you want to know what’s coming on NCIS season 16 episode 8? Well, at the center of the new sneak peek is a mystery that is certainly strange.

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The first thing that is noteworthy about the sneak peek below is that the body was seemingly disposed of in the water and left there for a good week before it was found. That is why there are some serious elements of decomposition with it and as a result of that, it is harder to potentially ID the victim than it would be otherwise. This is why the team, at least for the time being, is having to rely more on things such as the nametag and the name on the uniform in order to determine the man’s identity. What they think, as a result of this, is that the victim goes by the name of Granger.

Yet, something is still off about this. Bishop called the department that Granger supposedly worked for … only to them realize that Granger is actually very much still alive. She spoke with him! The first question to wonder then is why someone had some of his things. Beyond that, you have to wonder as to who the real target was — was this person killed by mistake, thinking that they were Granger? Is the actual target of the killing still alive, or is this a part of some sort of larger scheme that still needs to be properly figured out? That is something that hopefully, this episode will provide more answers on by the time we get around to the end of it.

There is one other question that you have to wonder after watching this: Is Ducky starting to fall off his game? He seemed to be unaware of the fact that the victim’s neck was broken, or at least that is what the reaction that he has here indicates. Ducky may have needed to give this body more than just a “quick examination.” Maybe he is a little bit rusty, give the fact that he has not been a part of the investigative team for the vast majority of this season. He only recently started to return to solve cases with the team.

Remember in the midst of all of this that the title for this episode is “Friendly Fire.” Beyond that, we will have further coverage tomorrow, including a review of what transpires and a longer look at some of what is coming up next.

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