Last Week Tonight with John Oliver talks wildfires, Brexit in opening

Last Week TonightTonight, the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver finale kicked off with a discussion of the California wildfires. Or, basically this was a discussion of some of Donald Trump’s many faux pas while out giving speeches. Oliver aired some footage of Trump forgetting where he was, and then also some footage of him doing a number of inappropriate things during public events.

What’s the messaging here? In part, it is to mock Trump’s lack of studying up on some of what he’s doing before he gets there … or also his inability to reign in some of his off-the-cuff remarks. Is this also the fault of the team around him? At least when it comes to trying to reign in what are clearly some of his wilder impulses that he either doesn’t know how to control or doesn’t really want to. Maybe it’s all of the above.

Following this Oliver also gave an update on Brexit, which is one of his other favorite hot topics on the show. He took on Theresa May’s fall in popularity over negotiations plus a number of other different things, including the departure of many prominent figures in the negotiation — including one of the people actually leading the discussions to exit the European Union. (The irony is that most of Oliver’s segment will not be seen in Britain, mostly because of rules there that ban footage of Parliament. Oliver replaced that with footage of Gilbert Gottfried reading to them some of Theresa May’s notes on the Brexit agreement.)

This just in: Brexit is a mess. This is something that we’ve seen a number of times before with this show, but it’s still every bit as true as it once was.

The sad thing is that Oliver’s probably going to have plenty more time to devote to Brexit in the future, largely because it does feel like this is a situation that is not going anywhere in the near future. How is Brexit going to be wrapped up? That’s something we really don’t see happening in the near future, much to the dismay of perhaps people on just about every single side of things. There’s still just so much stuff that needs to be waded through here.

Before we got to the main segment, Oliver brought us quite possibly the most disturbing segments that we’ve seen all season — a montage of clips that did not age well, most notably with the likes of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, and others. Many of these different clips were incredibly cringeworthy, especially the ones featuring hosts discussing sexual harassment who were later accused of it themselves.

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