Blue Bloods season 9: What are the best crossover possibilities?

Blue Bloods season 9

We’re back today with another edition of our ongoing Crossover November article series, and the focus is on none other than Blue Bloods! While it’s surrounded by some other shows on CBS in MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0 that are a part of the same world, it’s always been at arm’s length with both it and a number of other series on the air.

So, is this the proper time to change things up, or is there ever a proper time to change things up? While know in theory there is no such need for a crossover (mostly because Blue Bloods crams so much per episode in as it is), we do think that there are some ways in which the series could mix things up down the road by joining forces with another show for at least one episode.

Just in case you’re wondering about some of the best possible shows for such a crossover, rest assured that we’ve got four different suggestions below!

Bull – This one makes a reasonable amount of sense, mostly because Erin Regan works in the District Attorney’s office and Bull works as a trial science expert. Why not come up with a unique way for their powers to combine a little bit? We foresee there being a really-fun story that actually would feel somewhat organic — Jason Bull may be a lighthearted character at times, but he does have his fair share of serious moments and those could be explored a little more fully here.

FBI – Tonally, this one makes a ton of sense given that these are both CBS shows set in New York about solving crimes. Also, it feels fair to speculate that the FBI and the NYPD would need to collaborate on a number of different cases! Given that Frank likes officers who hunker down and do their job, there’s a pretty good chance that he would have some appreciation for Maggie and OA.

Madam Secretary – This is one we’ve advocated for a while given that both shows tend to alternate between their story-of-the-week format and then also some sort of larger, family-based story. It’s also easy to figure out a story in which Elizabeth McCord is meeting with world leaders at the UN or some other spot in New York, which leads to some local law enforcement being around to help protect the grounds.

Ray Donovan – This is the most random one that we’ve got on the list, but it feels like a fixer like Ray would be somewhere on Frank’s list of people he wants off the streets — Frank is not a fan of gray areas, after all, and Ray lives within a world of gray. (We know that it’s more likely that Blue Bloods would cross over with a show like NCIS, but there have been plenty of opportunities for that already!)

What would you like to see when it comes to a Blue Bloods – Bull crossover? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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