Is The Last Ship new tonight on TNT? What may have been

The Last Ship season 5

Is The Last Ship new tonight on TNT? Following what we saw on the network last week, there’s a DEFINITE reason to want more. After all, there were some stories that ended rather abruptly, including the aftermath of Chandler’s final mission to ensure the safety of America.

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Unfortunately, the cold reality that we have to now face is this: It’s not happening. This past episode was the series finale and because of that, there are no more installments coming on the other side. That is a shame given that there is so much more to explore, especially when it comes to a coda that could have given us some more closure as to where some of these characters ended up.

As it turns out, it does appear as though this is something that showrunner Steven Kane wanted to include in the series finale — there just wasn’t the necessary money in the budget to pull that off and, beyond that, this ending does leave the characters’ future up in the air.  The idea was never fully written, but it was at least something that was considered for a time within the writers’ room.

Speaking on this subject via TVLine, here is what Kane had to say about what could have been:

“The reporter, Nina (played by Graceland‘s Jamie Gray Hyder), was going to show up at his house having finished that film that she made, with all those interviews … The idea would be to show where our characters are now, to see the ‘happily ever after.’ Nina’s film would have been a catharsis, like the end of Cinema Paradiso.”

Yet, we’re now left to imagine whether or not Chandler really found peace, to go along with many other members of the Nathan James crew to go along with it. We’re probably going to remain always hopeful on some level, but we recognize that The Last Ship does live within a world of relative realism and with that in mind, there was never any guarantee that any single character is going to find some element of joy.

Could the series exist somewhere else?

That’s always a nice thing to think about, but unfortunately we just don’t foresee the odds of that being particularly high. The thing that we have to recognize here is that The Last Ship had a run of five seasons, which is great for any sort of cable television show. Sometimes, things just end a little earlier than you want, and we do like to think that the crew is still off somewhere having more adventures off screen.

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