Elseworlds crossover: About Kara and Superman’s meeting spot…

ElseworldsThe Elseworlds crossover is officially coming to The CW next month and, as many of you know at this point, there are going to be many familiar faces turning up from the comic-book world.

One of the most iconic names that is going to be appearing for the first time is none other than Lois Lane, and the excitement around her turning up should feel fairly obviously. Without Lois, Superman cannot be who he is. She’s his heart and soul and his rock during hard times. She could also prove to be a mentor-of-sorts for Kara given that she’s been a veteran reporter for quite some time.

So how are you going to meet Lois on the crossover? Let’s just say that there is a reason why the Smallville farm has been showcased in some set photos. This just so happens to be the meeting place for Kara and her cousin, and with that it of course makes sense that Lois would also be around.

Speaking via Entertainment Weekly, here is what executive producer Robert Rovner had to say about why the farm was so important:

“Kara is coming out of the midseason finale at a crossroads, and the journey that she’s on is kind of helped by Clark, who is returning from Argo kind of on his own journey … [The Smallville farm was appropriate since] it kind of seemed like the organic place for them to meet [based on their emotional state].”

One thing that we certainly like about the farm as a meeting place is that it does make a certain degree of sense, and beyond just that, visually it could make for a great deal of contrast. After spending so much time watching these characters in a more urban setting, there is something fun that could come with actually having at least Kara out in the country. It’s a throwback in part to her upbringing, which certainly included her being in a more rural setting. It’s also certainly a nice Easter egg both for diehard Superman comic fans and for Smallville fans, as well. Of course, the casting of Lex Luthor is one way that the show is nodding towards all of this, but that is more than likely going to be significantly more divisive. We would feel that way even before we had a chance to learn that Jon Cryer was playing the part. (Personally, we’ve come to think that it’s rather unfair to judge a role like this before you actually see the person in action.)

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What do you want to see when it comes to the Elseworlds crossover for some of these characters, and are you happy to see the Smallville farm featured? Be sure to share right now in the comments! (Photo: The CW.)

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