Could The Blacklist season 6 have multiple two-hour airings?

Blacklist season 5There’s a chance already that you heard the good news The Blacklist season 6 is premiering on Friday, January 4! To go along with that, there’s going to be a two-hour premiere airing on the network, and with that brings a chance for us to dive head-first into what should be the most fascinating story we’ve seen to date!

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Now that we’ve said all of this, the timing does feel right to also pose the following question: Should NBC consider giving us multiple two-hour blocks throughout the season? What good does that really do? Throughout this article, we do our best to list out a few reasons why this does make some sense.

1. Trying to get all of the episodes out by mid-May – When you map out the schedule, how it looks is like this: If NBC were to air the two-hour premiere plus new episodes every Friday, the 22-episode season will be done on Friday, May 24. That’s not ideal since the season would conclude outside of May sweeps. The final Friday of sweeps is likely set to be May 17. With that, the writers need to find a way to incorporate at least one more two-hour block elsewhere, maybe even two if NBC opts to not air an episode on Good Friday. Doing a two-hour finale certainly makes some sense.

2. Filling some Blindspot holes – Because The Blacklist will be paired with a show in Blindspot that is already multiple episodes into its own run, there are going to be weeks when it is on the air and the Jaimie Alexander series is not. What should NBC do because of that? Well, double-dipping on The Blacklist is a way to ensure higher ratings. Plus, you can promote these nights as something special.

3. Selling the blocks as “events’ – This is probably the biggest reason why these two-hour blocks have potential. If the writers know about NBC’s plans in advance, they can almost build these blocks as almost mini-movies rather than individual episodes. We know the show already to be quite adept at doing two-parters; they’ve done them a number of times over the years and with that in mind, this is a perfect way to continue the trend.

Overall, our big takeaway is that The Blacklist is not going to be done with two-hour blocks after the premiere. We just hope that in choosing other times to do said blocks, NBC thinks carefully about the right time to deliver these that will both satisfy audiences and create compelling, exciting entertainment at the same exact time.

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