NCIS season 16 episode 8 video: Why ‘Friendly Fire’ will be emotional

NCISAre you ready for NCIS season 16 episode 8 to air on CBS on Tuesday night? You may need a handkerchief or two for it…

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The title for this upcoming episode is “Friendly Fire,” and what you can see over the course of the promo below is that this is an emotional case for Gibbs as he tries to find a way to get justice for a Captain whose death seems to stem from some events that transpired overseas. This is one of those stories where we will see Mark Harmon’s character do his best to make sure that a Marine can rest in peace, and with that, it may be a little more personal than most.

In doing such a personal episode right before Thanksgiving, a time in which many of us are told to put stock in things that matter to us the most, we do believe that this is NCIS sending a message and more or less putting a focus on some of its own key values along the way. It doesn’t want to ever lose its identity as a show that honors the military at just about every step, no matter the nature of the case or whatever lighthearted moments that it has over the hour. There may still be some of those over the course of the hour, but that doesn’t take away from the sentiment that will be there overall.

What else should you know?

The title here in “Friendly Fire” is in itself a clue. There are few incidents that can cause as much hurt and pain as ones that are done on accident, or as a result of mistakes in planning. They are things that may have been preventable in some other circumstances. How the incidents were sparked is going to be one of the important parts of this episode, which in turn is probably why you are going to see some NCIS agents actually make the trip over to the Middle East in order to get more information. It could take a little bit of time in order to get proper resolution to this one; but, as we’ve mentioned, the end result of it could not be more critical.

If you watch NCIS these days for the Mark Harmon performances, there is a good chance that you won’t be disappointed at the end of this one.

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