Narcos season 5 renewal hopes: Will the series come back to Netflix?

Narcos: Mexico
Are we going to see a Narcos season 5 at some point in the future, following today’s season 4 launch on Netflix? For the time being, there is a reason to have optimism.

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One of the first things that we should note here is that Netflix is not the same streaming provider that they once were, where they were a beacon of hope to many other networks with canceled shows — after all, they were taking on a lot in their earlier years, and also declining to cancel many of the shows that they had. They often would give new series chances at a second or third season even if they got off to a slower start.

Yet, Netflix doesn’t need to do that anymore. They can cut shows so much faster because their slate is so broad and all-encompassing that they almost always has something else. While we would say previously that a series like Narcos was a 100% slam dunk for renewal, we’re not sure you can say that with almost any series at the moment on the service.

With that being said, this does still feel like a show with a fairly high chance at coming back. It’s been one of Netflix’s signature series, even if they changed things up a lot for season 4 (subtitled Narcos: Mexico). What they are showing here is that they aren’t afraid to mix up the subject matter in order to showcase different parts of the drug trade and its history. It felt as though this was a part of the story that would be touched on eventually and we’re now very much at that point. A season 5 feels inevitable just because there is more story to tell, and we get the sense that there is probably preparation behind the scenes in anticipation of a renewal already. (Of course, Luke Cage was also looking ahead prior to its cancellation, even to the point that there were writers hammering out ideas.)

When could Netflix formally announce a renewal?

Typically with some of their successful shows, they do so within two or three months of a season premiering — with it occasionally coming earlier for some of their bigger hits. At the moment, our feeling is that more news on the future of Narcos is going to be coming out in January or February; if it comes a little bit earlier, consider that a great miracle of the holiday season.

Do you want to see a Narcos season 5 renewal over at Netflix? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Rest assured that once some further information is out there, we’re going to have that for you over here. (Photo: Netflix.)

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