Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 8 review: A night of confession

Grey's Anatomy season 14Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 8 was the fall finale for the series and with that, it decided to go out stronger than the storm blowing through Seattle.

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What’s the top story coming out of this? We’re not sure that it’s even the blackout given that it doesn’t feel like any lives are in immediate danger. Instead, it feels more like the truth finally coming out about Teddy’s pregnancy and Owen still trying to process how to feel about it. It’s a gut-punch to all of his senses given that he was moving forward with something with Amelia and he felt pretty good about the two of them having this family with Betty and the baby. That’s in relative doubt now, which is a massive bummer given that Amelia had just decided that she was ready to foster Betty herself.

Rest assured, they’re going to have a lot to think about here, but we do certainly hope that the writers don’t go the predictable route of Owen gravitating towards Teddy just because he thinks it’s a responsibility of his. He should be in the baby’s life, but that doesn’t necessitate that he and Teddy get into any sort of relationship. This is 2018 and it’s pretty darn apparent at this point that relationships can take a wide array of different shapes and forms.

Speaking of relationships…

In this episode, Meredith (while trying to withstand armies of patients at the hospital) found herself with two very viable romantic options. First, there was Link, who she decided to take some sort of interest in after some urging throughout this season. We do get it — he’s likable, charming, and has the full endorsement of Jo Wilson. He also has a little bit of Matthew McConaughey swagger to him. Yet, there’s then DeLuca, who admitted to Meredith he’d been keeping feelings for her ever since the two of them kissed at the wedding. He recognizes that there’s a power imbalance here and whatnot, but he really doesn’t care since he’s not an intern and thinks that the two could be good together. It doesn’t even matter that he had a previous relationship with Maggie.

Where do we stand on this? It varies. While we think Link’s got a super-high ceiling, we don’t actually know all that much about him yet. DeLuca is a more comfortable choice just because of the fact that he’s a more well-established character and a reasonably good person. It is also a different sort of relationship to what Meredith has had before.

So are you team MerLuca or team MerLink? (We made that last one up.) Share now in the comments!

Other relationship headlines

It’s clear now that Levi and Nico are closer to a thing than ever before — after Glasses saved him (and lost his glasses in the process!), the two had a real heart-to-heart that included Levi telling him about why he hasn’t really explored his sexuality further and his general status as a nerd in general. Being gay in the nerd community can be tough! Yet, Nico started to realize that his own behavior towards him was a little unfair since learning that he hadn’t come out yet. With that, maybe the two are starting to push a little bit more towards a relationship.

Jackson and Maggie, meanwhile, seem to be doing a little bit better — which seems to be, in part, due to Maggie learning about Catherine’s cancer and deciding that she wants to be there for him while his mother goes through this. We’re not sure that their romantic commitment is going to be strong for the next few weeks, but that’s not really the focus at the moment. Instead, it’s a little more just about finding a way in which for Jackson to make it through this.

Richard, meanwhile, thinks that Catherine is having an affair with Koracick; he doesn’t know the full story, which is one of the reasons why he is freaking out. He did give Bailey some good advice on her own marriage, though; don’t cut out people who love you thinking that this is going to solve the problem. She just needs to find help and if she can do that, maybe that is a step on the road towards happiness.

CarterMatt Verdict

Surrounded by a storm and a whole lot of chaos, Grey’s Anatomy delivered a solid winter finale tonight that gave most of the big characters something to do — save for Jo and Alex, mostly chilling through a second honeymoon in their house before deciding to mail in their marriage license. It paid off most of the stories from the first half of the season. Now, the real struggle is just going to be waiting for the second half to come along.

What did you think about tonight’s Grey’s Anatomy fall finale? Share right now in the attached comments, and stay on the lookout for more news. (Photo: ABC.)

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