Criminal Minds season 14 episode 8 review: Are Rossi and Krystall engaged?

Rossi and KrystallWe love a good romance as much as the next person but when it comes to Criminal Minds we didn’t really expect to be writing about it as much as we have this season. Not only have we seen Luke and Lisa move in together, and Emily snag herself a date, but we have been watching Rossi and Krystall’s romance growing more and more as the season goes on. This season has promised us way more personal stories for our characters and they have not disappointed us in the least – this is one of the reasons Criminal Minds made our Golden Globes wishlist!

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Tonight, the main mystery at the heart of the episode revolved around a double-homicide and a kidnapping in the northeast, one that led to a number of different questions about motivation and also why the UnSub was deliberately leaving little girls alive. the more that the BAU figured out, the more it was clear that this was a person far outside of the realm of reality. He was basically desperate to find other adopted girls in order to kidnap them, bring them home, and proclaim that they were the new version of the Ashley he previously lost. He was completely out of his mind and desperate to recreate an experience. He was even willing to kill for it.

In true BAU fashion, they were able to figure things out right when the story started to heat up and the agents arrived. They had to find a way in order to bring back the memories of the Ashley he lost in order to see the truth and understand the reality. Once he saw a video of the real Ashley he lost, that was enough for him to realize precisely what he had done.

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Is Rossi engaged?

In the early going tonight, we saw the character planning out a proposal to Krystall … only for Garcia to spoil it. Basically, that ruined Rossi’s dream of staging the “perfect” proposal — if she knew about it, how could he surprise her?

Well, Rossi needed to realize that nothing was going to be perfect; he just had to the best job that he possibly could. With that, he found a way at the end of the episode to stage a proposal back at Quantico, one that broke protocol but was also super-memorable. It was a proposal like only Rossi could deliver, and there were funny moments throughout including talk about their first wedding and then also Garcia and Alvez teaming up in order to give Quantico the perfect environment for him.

Rossi proposed in an elevator and, outside of that, everyone helped to celebrate in grand fashion.

CarterMatt Verdict

Was there a creepy mystery ast the heart of this story? Sure, but we’ll remember this more for how Rossi and Krystall celebrated their engagement. It’s been a long time coming for him to have some romantic payoff and, at least for now, this seems to be it. Maybe we’ll get a wedding at the end of the season while we’re at it? Who wouldn’t want that?

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