Is Mayans MC new tonight on FX? What to look out for next

Mayans MCIs Mayans MC new tonight on FX? After the great fun of episodes that we’ve had over the past several weeks, isn’t it understandable to want a little bit more?

Alas, that’s not happening … at least not for the time being. Last night was the season finale, and with that in mind we’re left waiting in the wings until next year, presumably, for the show to come back on the air. The good news at the moment is that the network has already given the series a green light for a season 2, and what that means precisely is that nobody has to worry about there being a cancellation or something else out of the blue. It also helps the series to ensure that the timeline moving forward production-wise is largely the same as it’s been before.

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So when could the series return? The best possible answer that we can offer up here is fall, most notably September. Yet, FX is probably not going to announce anything definitive until the summer just because there’s no real reason to.

While there may be a substantial period of time between episodes airing, we’re not entirely sure that there is going to be a substantial time jump between seasons. We don’t really think that there needs to be here at all when you think about what we’re coming up against next — think in terms of EZ Reyes now knowing the truth about the person responsible for his mother’s death. We don’t necessarily want to characterize Happy as a Big Bad just because that may be giving only a slight characterization of who this guy is; this is all complicated, and he was absolutely a different person way back when he first committed the act.

Yet, is EZ really going to care about any of that? This is someone who may be driven in part by some of his anger to do some regrettable things, and this is something that we’re certainly curious to see this show dive into a little bit more in season 2.

As for what else we want to see, getting a chance for Emily to show more of who she was in the finale again is up there. We’re ready for her to be more of a major player rather than someone who is clued in here and there by Miguel (and having her kid taken from her routinely). Meanwhile, we’re equally prepared for the opportunity to see more of what the Galindo cartel looks like with Alvarez folded in. That was something revealed in a rather-grand fashion when we got near the end of the finale.

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