Lethal Weapon season 3 episode 7: What’s next for Cole, Natalie?

Lethal Weapon season 2 promoMrs. Carter: Tonight, the relationship between Natalie and Cole on Lethal Weapon started to become a little more complicated…

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One of the themes of the episode overall was the ideal of Bali. This was a dream, something that the two could have together and get away from all of the chaos of the past. Natalie made it clear throughout the episode that she was ready and waiting to run away with Cole; she was at the airport and her bags were packed; yet, that’s not something that happened. Cole, thinking that he had to protect her and keep something crazy from happening, decided in the end that he couldn’t risk it. His job got in the way and as a result of that, he ended up losing her. Then, he ended up losing her again years later. Bali didn’t happening because he wasn’t able to make it happen. He may thought he was protecting her, but was he? She still waited for him for years, but over the course of her life she decided that she needed to move on … and move on she did.

Yet, tonight everything was blown open once more.

At the end of the episode tonight, Cole fought hard to Natalie while she was at work to give him another chance — he is different than he once was, but Natalie is understandably reserved. She’s happy, and she doesn’t want to complicate things. After Cole kissed her, though, that all changes.

So where do the two go next?

Suffice it to say, things are complicated now. They have to talk about their feelings eventually, but there is a scenario where you can imagine Natalie shutting things down and trying to move away from much of this as much as possible. That’s just a defense mechanism that a lot of people out there and it isn’t an indictment on her as a character or of Cole. It’s also possible, meanwhile, for the two to start to drift closer to a full-fledged relationship.

What these two need to worry about in the process is this: The two have a kid together and they care about said kid immensely. They have to consider this kid’s feelings along the way and ensure that they don’t get hurt. If they do truly care about each other, the two need to care for their daughter before any other. I really hope that this is the direction in which the show goes in next!

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