Elseworlds promo: ‘Oliver Queen’ kisses … Iris West?

ElseworldsThe first promo has arrived for the three-part crossover event Elseworlds coming to The CW soon, and based on what we’re seeing, this one is … strange. Very strange.

In the video below, you can see Iris West saying good morning to someone … but that someone isn’t Barry Allen. Or, at least it’s not Barry Allen as played by Grant Gustin. This is the first confirmation that we’ve got that Stephen Amell is playing, for sure, Barry Allen as opposed to just Oliver Queen with the abilities of The Flash. All of this is confusing, but just judging from his facial reactions in this preview, we’ve got the notion that he still thinks that he’s Oliver Queen and he doesn’t understand why he is A) in Central City and B) suddenly married to Iris West, who is referring to him by a different name.

We have to imagine that somewhere over in Star City, Barry Allen is going to wonder why he, all of a sudden, is Oliver Queen, and also why he is wearing the Green Arrow costume.

This Elseworlds event has the potential to be one of the most epic ones out there, even if there is a certain element of it that is absolutely bonkers and confusing. We know that Black Suit Superman will show up at one point, that we’re going to meet Lois Lane, and also that Batwoman is going to somehow make her debut in the midst of all of this. There is also The Monitor and a whole lot more. This is certainly a crossover that could’ve justified a fourth hour featuring the Legends and while we understand why they’re not a part of it (it’s hard to wrangle too many people all at one time), we do think that there was enough story to tell to stretch things out.

The Elseworlds event begins on December 9, where The Flash is going to air in the spot typically reserved for Supergirl. Following that, Arrow will air at its usual time and then be followed up by Supergirl not all that long after the fact. This is going to represent what is hopefully an excellent three hours of imagination. We’re not sure that it will all come together completely, but we definitely are excited that everyone seems so gung-ho about it behind the scenes.

For those curious, we certainly do imagine that there are going to be some other teasers revealed in the near future — the show won’t wait forever, after all, to give us Batwoman! That’s at the top of the must-haves list since there are so many people still buzzing about the idea of her in the Arrowverse.

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What do you want to see on Elseworlds based on this preview, and are you more excited than you were even before? Share in the comments. (Photo: The CW.)

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