The Conners season 2 renewal odds: What are the current chances? (Ratings Progress Report)

The ConnersWe’re back with another edition of our CarterMatt Ratings Progress Report series, where we take a closer look at how some new shows are performing and gauge the current odds of them sticking around.

With The Conners, it’s clear that this situation is a little different from most. After all, it’s hard to fully call it a “new” show when the concept and the characters have been around longer than almost any other series out there! Yet, technically this is considered the first season and this is a new property. It has to be viewed through that particular lens, even if it is hard for a couple of different reasons.

The cast – More than likely, the future of The Conners is not going to be dictated by just how well the show fares in the 18-49 demographic. It is one of the highest-rated comedies on television, even with some ratings declines this fall. (Consider it up there with The Big Bang Theory at the top of the comedy pyramid.)

As we explain in the recent video below (be sure to subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube for more, and check out our full Ratings Watch playlist), what’s really going to matter the most more so than anything else here is getting the cast locked in again when they may want to pursue some other things. When they first signed on to do this current batch of episodes, they did so thinking that this was another season of Roseanne. That was before the tremendous backlash and everything crazy that came about as a result of that.

The baggage – While we don’t exactly think that this would keep ABC from renewing the series, this is probably a factor when it comes to its long-term future. In the event that The Conners is renewed for one more season, we can envision the series down the road facing a situation where it has a higher ratings standard to meet than some others. For one, it may cost more with some of the big names in the cast. Beyond just that, is it really worth the trouble? We can see at a certain point many of the cast getting tired of some of the negativity that stems from Roseanne previously being a part of the show — mostly in the form of her fans being upset.

Our verdict … for now

The Conners will come back if everyone wants it to come back. Given that this is far from certain (and John Goodman is already signed on for a different comedy project, this time over at HBO), we would say to enjoy the series while it is still around. There’s never any guarantee in the TV world and there’s certainly even less of one here.

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