The Last Ship series finale sneak peek: Does Chandler have a death wish?

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Coming up on TNT Sunday night, The Last Ship series finale is coming on the air … and the story is finally going to come to a close. You have the Nathan James facing off against Gran Colombia and, by the end of the episode, hopefully there will be a sense of larger peace.

Unfortunately, leading up to this big finale, there are going to be some serious concerns — and those include concerns all about Chandler himself! The sneak peek below gives you a reasonably good sense of what’s happening there, largely in that he seems to be operating based on visions and his gut. He’s grasping in some ways at straws, but in other ways trusting his intelligence and intuition.

Does Chandler actually have a death wish, as Sasha seems to be suggesting to him in the preview? We don’t see it that way, but he does have a lot of determination, to the point that he could be clouding his judgment. He just knows the desired endgame and wants to fight to the finish line to ensure that he gets it.

Probably the weirdest thing entering this episode is just how ambiguous the whole finale feels. Sometimes entering series finales, you have a pretty clear sense of how they are going to end. Often the heroes save the day one finale time, even in the midst of sacrifice (remember that we’ve already lost Burk), and everyone starts to ride off into the sunset. There is a world in which we like to imagine The Last Ship ending in which Chandler, Sasha, and many other characters go home and live out their days in peace and harmony, but this scenario is so idealistic and unrealistic that you can probably also write in here Burk coming back from the dead. We imagine that nothing is going to be anywhere close to that easy and things are going to turn tragic long before they ever turn hopeful.

One last thing to remember

Back when The Last Ship concluded writing the finale, there was no confirmation season 5 was going to be the final season. There may have been inklings about it, but that may have led the writers in turn to crafting an ending that was almost a challenge to TNT to bring the show back. It’s certainly possible that there is a cliffhanger element to the finale because of that, even though we hope that there’s some closure. (While we’d rather have a firm conclusion, it’s better to prepare yourself for every scenario — it’s a whole lot easier to keep from being disappointed this way.)

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