Blue Bloods season 9: Who is Brian Baker, Abigail’s husband?

Blue Bloods season 9

Who is Brian Baker on Blue Bloods season 9? Well, this is a character that you are going to get to know quite extensively tonight. He is a man whose life put in jeopardy due to a shooting that takes place in the hour — one that could leave Erin with a tremendous amount of guilt. The shooter may have been someone that she struggled to put away in the past and now, she may carry that regret with her … while also trying to figure out what to do to make the case go away.

For those who do want more information on Brian Baker himself, we know that he is an officer within the NPYD — something that was actually not disclosed much before this episode. Baker’s family life has long been a little bit of a mystery on the series. We know that Abigail has two kids, and for now, we’re assuming that these are kids she had with Brian. (We haven’t heard anything otherwise.)

Most of what we can assume about Brian Baker is learned through the actions of his wife. Abigail is strong, intelligent, and determined at her job — she never seems distracted by her personal life in the midst of an investigation and with that, we have to assume that the two have a solid relationship. They work together in order to ensure that they can do the jobs that they do — if it was a stressful home life, you’d likely see Abigail a little more disorganized and struggling when it comes to her job. You never see that from her. We also haven’t heard about Brian getting into any trouble when it comes to the commissioner himself. With that in mind, you have to assume he’s got a pretty-clean record and never gets into trouble.

Basically, the biggest reason we haven’t heard about Brian (beyond just the writers not coming up with this idea until now) is that he and Abigail seem to have a normal, healthy relationship. When things are going good on a show like this, there’s less of an incentive to feature it on the show itself.

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