The Last Kingdom season 3 video: Meet new character Edward!

The Last KingdomThe Last Kingdom season 3 will finally arrive on Netflix later this year, and hopefully bring with it all sorts of extraordinary epic-ness. This series is in part a historical drama, in part an underdog story, and finally a character story as to what motives people — at least during this time period. For some, it is just survival as Wessex faces threats on almost every front. For others, it is acquiring a taste of glory. This can come on the battlefield, but it could also come in equal measure in a quest for the throne.

This is where Edward factors into the larger character. The young man is the son of Alfred, and with that of course comes enormous expectations. There’s political pressure there, but to go along with that, there’s also personal pressure. You are seen as someone who should be bold, ambitious, and willing to do what is necessary. Just based on the new sneak peek below (via the series’ official Twitter account), you do get a sense that the character wants to get there. However, at the same time it’s pretty clear that he’s not at that point yet. That is why in this preview he asks for more time to prepare himself. He wants to become worthy of the crown and needs to find ways to make it so.

Here’s the bad news for Edward: We’re not sure that there is time for him to figure himself out. After all, Wessex is in peril and with the walls closing in, time is of the essence and the kingdom needs resources, power, and strategic know-how quickly. Is Edward going to provide that? On the surface, probably not … but looks can be deceiving.

Edward is far from the only new face you’ll be meeting on The Last Kingdom season 3; as we inch closer to the premiere, hopefully there will be some other opportunities to see other pieces on the enormous chessboard. Some of these people may be influencers; meanwhile, others are distractions to the larger cause. Not every character you meet, after all, is going to prove to be an asset. Some are meant to corrupt and destroy, and while seemingly innocent, you don’t want to make any assumptions about a guy like Edward. Even in this era, looks can be deceiving.

The Last Kingdom season 3 will officially start streaming on Netflix on November 19. Rest assured, the series will likely release many new teases well before then…

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What do you want to see regarding Edward on The Last Kingdom season 3, and are you pleased to have him in the mix? Let us know in the attached comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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