Manifest Season 1 Episode 6: So the government isn’t the enemy?

Manifest season 1NBC’s Manifest has just deepened the mystery once again and we are still trying to wrap our brains around it all. In this week’s episode, the series returned to solely focusing on the plane and its disappearance, however, there was a twist.

The hour started off with Cal having a nasty high fever! Are we worried? Absolutely!

A flashback to the plane reveals a Bulgarian man walking up and down the aisles of the plane searching for someone who can help him with the customs card. Saanvi sat in front of a translator leaving Saanvi within earshot of the Bulgarian Flight 828 passenger who said the “red door” phrase on board the plane. As the man walked around looking for help, he said hello to Cal, but in English. Did Cal understand the man’s language? It would appear so, or could this be an even further indication that Cal is part of something much bigger?

After Saanvi reveals her memories of the man, Ben soon after identifies him as Marko, who has been missing since the plane landed. This leads Ben and Michaela to discover that Marko wasn’t the only passenger who has been missing since the plane landed. As a result, Michaela and Jared investigate locations that Ben identifies as possible locations where one of the five buses could have taken its passengers to.

At this point, the episode has us fully hooked. Cal is still suffering from the fever and it’s getting worse. Meanwhile, Michaela and Jared find a farmhouse with a conspicuous guardhouse — and armed guards, whose interest they draw — they fake a flat tire, then go about their business, while Mick snaps a photo of some people passing through a red door. This leads back to Cal whose mind is connected to Marko’s. He can feel every painful experience Marko is going through in a private experimental study. The passengers from the fifth bus were never taken to the shelter, but a undisclosed location where they are have tested like lab rats.

As Cal’s fever worsen, we get a glimpse into the world Grace lived in as Cal went through his battle with cancer the first time. She’s a desperate mother who wants to see her son happy and healthy again. She also never let’s it show that underneath she’s crumbling. This was shown when Grace locked herself in the bathroom as she pounded the walls in frustration because her life was once again falling apart. We feel for her and we want so much for her to gain the tranquility she so desperately wants.

After Michaela got too close and the NSA started poking around, the ominous farmhouse operation realizes it needs to pack up and relocate, the agonizing procedure on Marko is terminated as Cal returns to his 98.6-degree self. The final kicker to this already intense episode is that the man performing the experiment on Marko was on the phone telling his boss, who he called ma’am, that they had to move locations, but they can start back up soon. So the government isn’t the enemy. However, the threat appears to be a much bigger enemy.

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