Blue Bloods season 9 episode 7 video: Is Eddie’s mother a point of contention?

Blue Bloods season 9

On Friday night’s new Blue Bloods episode, Eddie’s mom is going to actually play a big role in the story — or, at least in the latest Jamko conflict.

In the sneak peek, there is a very rare opportunity to see a domestic version of Jamie and Eddie at home making breakfast and stealing kisses from each other. It’s not something that we get all that much, especially with the two of them having to work together in a hyper-intensive environment. Given that nobody else at the precinct even knows they are engaged, it’s hard for them to really have any moments of kissing or spending extended periods of time together, and with this not being a show that focuses on romance it makes these moments even more special when they actually happen.

This preview starts off happy and flirty but by the end it does take a hard turn — as many things often do within the Blue Bloods world. If this entire scene was just happy and flirty, do you think we’d actually be getting it on the show? The reality here is that Eddie is getting set to visit her mother and clue her in on everything that’s going on in her personal life, and it’s happening at the same time Jamie has a court date he has to attend. He wants to be there for her but Eddie is hesitant. She claims that her mother has a habit of scaring off boyfriends and she certainly doesn’t want that to be the case here, so her hope was that Jamie would meet her at the wedding when he’s already locked down.

Then, something changes — Jamie’s court date is canceled, and he does want to be there with Eddie when she talks to her mom. Yet, the twist is that Eddie doesn’t want that — as a matter of fact, she’s incredibly quick to dismiss the idea outright as a very bad idea not to be further entertained. We feel for Jamie, given that he’s wants to meet his future mother in law and with him coming from a family as close as his he may not be able to really understand a family dynamic like Eddie has with her mom. He doesn’t realize what it is like having a family that is different from his own; the Janko family is not the Reagan family, and there are no enormous family dinners that he can attend with her every week. She has to handle things her own way and he needs to be accepting of that … though eventually, a little bit of compromise can be a good thing. She also has to understand that it’s hard for Jamie to just meet Eddie’s mom at the wedding and at no other point before. He loves her, so he wants to understand more of what made her the woman she is – for better or for worse. He’s all in and she just needs to trust him that no matter if her mother turns out to be a monster that Jamie isn’t going anywhere.

What do you think is going to happen with Jamie and Eddie through this Blue Bloods episode? Do you think that Eddie’s mom will scare him off? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments.

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