Blue Bloods season 9 episode 7 video: Is Erin involved in Baker crisis?

Blue Bloods season 9

On Friday night, Blue Bloods season 9 episode 7 is going to be making the struggle for Frank Reagan more personal than ever before — and on many fronts.

Let’s start with the primary thing highlighted within the latest promo: There are two officers hospitalized following a recent shooting. That’s awful. What makes it exponentially more awful for Frank is that one of these officers just so happens to be Abigail Baker’s husband. He’s experienced time and time again the pain caused by on job shootings since he knows it himself on a more personal level due to what happened to his son Joe. Here, it’s happening via one of his most trusted advisers and someone he relies on just about every day. She’s going to be struggling — she has to be (she’s only human), and it’s going to be up to him to find a way to get justice for her. Unfortunately, the future of Baker’s husband is out of his hands and there is no Blue Bloods medical spin-off to focus on things from a clinical perspective.

Here’s where things get even more personal for Frank: The person responsible for the potential shooter being out on the streets is Erin. In a meeting at Frank’s office, she takes responsibility for the man behind the crime being out. Frank can’t admonish her as a daughter, as he realizes that people make mistakes and he certainly has made many of them himself; yet, at the same time he can admonish her as a prosecutor. If there is something related to her skill set that failed, he’s right to call it out even if it makes us angry at him for a few minutes. It’s far from the first time we have been mad at Frank — think back to his initial reaction to the Jamko engagement.

This episode seems to be twofold when it comes to the Frank / Erin story. First, they have to make sure that the shooter responsible is properly prosecuted. Beyond that, there’s the other side of the coin: Baker’s family and their future. If her husband doesn’t live, this is a tragedy and there’s no other way around it. The one thing we are sure of is that this will be a stellar episode for Abigail Hawk, but can’t it be a great episode with some brilliant performances and also still have Baker’s husband make it through in one piece?


We’ve talked about this a few times over but Lou Diamond Phillips is going to be back on the show as Delgado, the notorious cartel hitman who burned down Danny’s home. There’s not too much more that really needs to be said here that hasn’t been already, but we’re expecting an intense, mano a mano showdown. Basically, the Blue Bloods version of a steel cage match.

What do you think is going to happen for some of your favorites moving into this episode? Be sure to share in the attached comments.

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