Magnum PI episode 7 review: It all started with a cat

Magnum PI episode 7Tonight, Magnum PI episode 7 brought us what we like to think of as a fine example of how a case can spiral.

For Thomas Magnum, this one sparked with something as simple as a missing cat. Thomas was hired by a little girl in order to ensure that he could find the four-legged feline, but in the process of doing so, he uncovered a different cat with blood on its paw — which, in turn, spawned a much larger mystery. This was a case of a lot of different variables, but aren’t those the ones that we most like to see?

Basically, one missing cat ended up bringing us to a larger conspiracy, a killer, and a plot to inflict a whole lot more damage. There was effectively a hitman at the center of the case and as Magnum tracked him down, we got a chance to see what was a violent, chaotic, and fiery(!) face-off in the middle of the water.

Without even dwelling too much into the specific machinations of this case, we mostly want to pour some praise on the show for how it is able to evolve some of these stories over time. Look at things this way — we’re talking about a case tonight that started off with something pretty simple, and ended up seeing many of these characters find a unique role to play by the end of it. Take, for example, utilizing TC’s helicopter talents, Higgins’ history in precarious positions, and Magnum’s ability to survive even the most difficult of positions. Even though Magnum may have almost drowned himself in his showdown-at-sea, he didn’t. He found a way to make it through to the other side and with that, he lives to solve some other cases.

As for the original missing cat (you know, the one that was not tied to a killer), it turns out that one came back on its own. All it took was opening a window. Oh, and it also turns out that the girl’s mother was a possible love interest for Magnum, at least if he can get over some of his own relationship baggage first.

CarterMatt Verdict

Magnum PI tonight was most successful, interestingly enough, just watching Magnum trying to find the cat. Sometimes, the show doesn’t even need to get super intense and high-budget in order to be entertainment. What’s also working right now is the budding chemistry between some of the different characters, whether it be Magnum and Higgins, Magnum and Katsumoto, and really … well, Magnum with anyone. Jay Hernandez continues to do a killer job as the lead.

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