The Little Drummer Girl episode 3 preview: Can Kurtz, Bekker save Charlie?

Little Drummer Girl

Do you want to get a sense of what’s coming up on The Little Drummer Girl episode 3? Let’s just say that Charlie’s undercover work continues. She’s doing everything within her power in order to ensure that she can keep herself afloat, but in the process of that, she may end up getting herself in even greater danger.

Want a little bit more news when it comes to what lies ahead now? Then be sure to check out the Little Drummer Girl episode 3 synopsis below courtesy of the BBC:

Charlie drives a car laden with explosives to a drop-off in Austria, while Kurtz and Becker race to save her from a fatal mistake.

Basically, this is an episode that is going to start off with a fairly-simple operation. Yet, as this episode moves along you will see that sometimes a simple operation has consequences that are very much unexpected. We imagine that there is going to be almost constant chaos  as Charlie finds herself overwhelmed with orders and ideas of what her life is — by the end of this episode, she may wonder whether or not she even has much of a life at all.

The Little Drummer Girl is going to be a story very much about handling pain and also understanding what needs to be done to survive. With Kurtz and Becker, you have two important characters who may very well be used to the life that they have. Charlie’s still got more of an element of humanity, and she may actually feel some element of guilt over what she chooses to do within this episode. She is a different person and with that, she has to figure out how to grapple with some of her own feelings and emotions.

If you enjoy this series, you’ll more than likely appreciate everything that is coming up. It continues the story and, beyond that, takes some of the characters even deeper.

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