Is Blue Bloods season 9 being too hard on Jamie and Eddie’s relationship?

Blue Bloods season 9

Or, here’s another way to phrase that question: Is the Jamie and Eddie that we’re getting as viewers the version that we expected? Back during most of last season, there’s nothing that many fans wanted more than getting to see Will Estes and Vanessa Ray’s characters together. It had been a long journey in order to get to their engagement and after that happened, the assumption was that there would be opportunities to see loving scenes between them. I’m thinking along the lines of their home life, what they’re doing away from work, and also them working together and stopping bad guys when they are wearing the uniforms.

Yet, here’s where the show has pivoted with the relationship: This season Jamko are not partnered up anymore, they haven’t told anyone at their new precinct about their engagement, and many of their scenes together are ones that are full of conflict. From one vantage point, the relative lack of romantic time together for them is disappointing to me — yet, at the same time this isn’t a particularly romantic show and that’s something to keep in mind. You have to cherish the occasional kiss or sweet nothing because this isn’t a show that focuses on romance. This is mostly about how these characters all spend time together on the job and, after that, how they spend time together at family dinner. There isn’t really a great opportunity in order to see the characters beyond that contrast. Blue Bloods is also a show about conflict and resolutions to it, so it’s understandable in that way that you don’t see much of these people other than when they are in these types of situations.

Now that all of this is said … Blue Bloods still needs to be slightly kinder towards Jamko. It’s not a crisis at the moment, but the writers may need some reminders here and there to still treat the characters like a romantic couple. Even if there are only a few moments here and there in an episode, injecting those is important. This relationship is different from any other on the show; with that, it should be defined as such. Just think back to the kiss that was there during season 7 and try to recapture that feeling. There can be passion without filling up too much time on the series; fingers crossed Blue Bloods remembers that.

What do you think at the moment: Is Blue Bloods being a little bit too difficult on Jamie and Eddie’s relationship, and should they be showing a little more of them in happier times? share some of your thoughts on the subject below!

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