Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 6 review: Was this the right vote?

David vs. Goliath

Tonight, Survivor: David vs. Goliath found itself in a difficult situation. Going into this episode, we wondered how there was a way to create drama amount some of the tribes. After all, Jabeni and Vuku seemed to have obvious boots on the surface with Angelina and also Kara. They were on the outs, at least when it comes to numbers.

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The Jabeni tribe was a complete disaster in both challenges, but was at least interesting in that Mike started to realize that maybe, getting rid of Angelina wasn’t best. He started to become aware that the other people from the original Goliath tribe weren’t happy to see Natalie gone. The problem there was that it was going to be hard to get numbers for anything other than getting Angelina out.

Meanwhile, over at Vuku it was clear that a rift was forming between Carl and Elizabeth; meanwhile, at Tiva Alison spoke with Gabby about blindsiding Dan. Given that Tiva was pretty unstoppable in challenges, though, it was clear that they weren’t losing immunity this week. this was more setting up events to come down the road.

The big Jabeni decision

Since it was clear that this tribe wasn’t going to win anything, the vote tonight really centered around one person: Mike White. We never thought that he would even make it this far in the game; yet, he was in a position of power. We knew that he wanted to keep Angelina in the game on some level; yet, he also trusted Lyrsa a lot more in the long-term. We actually felt like it was pretty clear that Lyrsa would stay, mostly because it didn’t seem like Nick was going to want to keep Angelina in a million years. It almost felt like Mike was choosing between either voting Lyrsa or going to rocks.

Yet, this is where the episode surprised us: Lyrsa was voted out of the game. We seriously thought that she would stick around just because she was a better person to work with once the merge arrived. Plus, Angelina seems like a significantly more dangerous player.

CarterMatt Verdict

This was a surprising decision at the end, mostly we can’t quite say that we are completely behind eliminating Lyrsa. This was probably the weakest episode of the season, but at least there were some interesting things set in motion for the future of the game down the road. This is, typically, the one part of the Survivor game that is the toughest to get through as a viewer.

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