Chicago PD season 6 episode 6 review: Upton’s devastating episode

Chicago PD season 5 episode 6
Technically, Chicago PD season 6 episode 6 aired on Halloween night — not that there were many indicators of that during the hour.

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Instead of making this a fun and festive hour (those words are not exactly synonymous with this show), the focus was mostly instead on Hailey Upton and her trying to do everything that she could in order to ensure that justice was served after an apparent robbery homicide at the home of an alderman.

Let’s get right to the meaty stuff here: After the young man accused of the crime was brought in, she was able to get a confession out of him by relating to him on a deep, personal level. She understood what it was like to suffer and be hurt and abused. The stories that she told were dark and terrifying, and that was enough in order to get this guy to confess. Yet, soon after that he was found dead after hanging himself in his prison cell. Following that, it turned out that he was not actually guilty of the murder at all.

So what happened here? It turned out that the alderman himself hired someone to kill his wife, and the young man who died after the confession was basically a victim of his own in all of this and Upton had to carry that pain with her. It’s probably because of that loss of life that she was so hesitant to kill the alderman even after he pulled a gun on her. Were it not for Ruzek stepping in and shooting, she could have died there.

We do wonder if this case will stick with Upton; no matter, this was a powerful performance by Tracy Spiridakos that should be remembered for some time.

As for the relationship side of things

While Adam and Hailey had their issues in this episode (his temper, for starters, and also Hailey’s recovery from what happened and her admitting that her stories of abuse were true), they seem to be okay. We also don’t think that there’s a love-triangle story coming soon featuring her, Ruzek, and Halstead … or at least we hope that there isn’t. There was a tinge of awkwardness in the air when Adam showed up to see Hailey and Jay was already there … but he doesn’t seem that concerned about it.

Also, it feels like Voight’s well-aware that Ruzek and Upton are seeing each other; he’s not making them go to HR, but it’s something that could happen in due time.

CarterMatt Verdict

An excellent story and really the second straight outstanding Chicago PD episode this season. It took some time for this season to get moving into high gear, but now we’re there and are getting a chance to learn about some of these characters along the way.

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