New Amsterdam episode 6: Did Max Goodwin finally tell Georgia?

NBC logoTonight, New Amsterdam episode 6 featured Dr. Max Goodman making a very important decision about his future. It’s also one that he probably should have done quite some time in the past.

At the end of this installment, it felt fairly clear that Max informed Georgia about his cancer after the gala. While we didn’t necessarily hear him say the words, he whispered something after leading up to it and the reaction made everything clear. This was enough.

Yet, you do still need to wonder this: Is this going to cause a further rift in their relationship? This big reveal leaves Georgia in an extremely challenging spot. On one level, she loves Max and it’s devastating to hear that he could die as a result of this disease. Yet, at the same time she has to be angry that he kept it a secret for so long, especially while he kept working every step of the way.

Where this leaves the two of them is definitely up in the air, especially since after the gala (in which Georgia was able to bring in a rather-hefty sum of money for the hospital), it was made fairly clear that she wanted the two of them to live together.

For now, though, the best thing you can hope for as a viewer is that Georgia is the one who finally gets through to Max and helps him to realize that his current way of doing things is not necessarily the right one.

Is there more going on within New Amsterdam right now? Certainly, in between seeing Dr. Bloom being set up by Dr. Bloom and also seeing Dr. Frome do his best to held shield his kids against hateful behavior. Yet, it feels clear at the moment that the Max story is what many people are going to cling to — and they should, given that his life has the harshest implications for the future of this story.

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