‘Shiptober 2018 finale: Supergirl (Kara & Lena) vs. Grey’s Anatomy (Owen & Amelia)

ShiptoberMrs. Carter: We’ve made it, everyone — today marks the grand finale for the ‘Shiptober 2018 tournament!

Over the course of the last several weeks, many of you have voted for some of your favorite TV relations — hundreds of thousands of you, in fact. There have been a number of fun battles, a number of close calls, and, in the end, many surprises. All of this leads to the grand finale showdown today — Kara & Lena of Supergirl doing battle against Owen & Amelia of Grey’s Anatomy. One ‘ship will win, and officially hold the ‘Shiptober title until … well, fittingly, until next October.

Voting Rules – Vote however often you like! Voting for this final round closes on Wednesday, October 31 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time; soon after that point, the official winner will be announced!

There’s no need for further buildup — let’s go ahead and dive right in to the showdown.

Kara & Lena, Supergirl (#3 seed) – They started this competition with a particularly good chance of winning, given their results in past tournaments at CarterMatt. Time and time again now, they’ve proven to be one of the most passionate fandoms out there. They’ve also taken down a number of other passionate fandoms, including ones that support ‘ships from Timeless, Shadowhunters, and Outlander — three of the most-popular shows out there. They have a different sort of challenge now since they’re facing another underdog, but Supercorp is definitely entering this final round with some momentum on their side! Fingers crossed that Kara and Lena have more scenes together after Kara was MIA for much of the Agent Liberty storyline.

Owen & Amelia, Grey’s Anatomy (#5 seed) – Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia have taken out many passionate ‘ship audiences of their own to make it to this point, including ones representing Wynonna Earp, NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0, and Arrow. They’ve easily shown themselves to be the most-popular ‘ship within the modern Grey’s Anatomy world, and now they’re going for the big CarterMatt title. The show, seems to also be giving them a great storyline coming up; signs point to Thursday’s episode being a big one as they assess the aftermath of whatever Teddy chooses to tell Owen — provided that she chooses to tell him everything.

Now, it’s your turn

Vote for your favorite ‘ship now in the poll below!

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