Manifest episode 5: The mystery deepens with Cal’s connection

Manifest season 1NBC’s Manifest is taking fans on quite the emotional ride during its freshmen season. This week the series moved back toward the plane’s disappearance and how the survivors reacted to the news.

For Grace, she was heartbroken and refused to believe her husband and son’s plane had gone down. Despite her pain, she decided to take part in a survivors’ support group where she met Danny. While slightly feeling guilty for moving on, Olive despised Danny’s presence, but sure enough he won his way into her heart.

The most heartbreaking moment came when Olive confided to her mother that even though Danny wasn’t her real father, he was her father for many years. It was a moment that made fans truly think. Olive and Grace love Ben, but Danny was there when he wasn’t and the moment Grace and Olive found out Ben and Cal were alive, Danny quietly left. He didn’t hold any ill will, but took the higher road. He makes fans feel for him, which continues to make this storyline addictive.

Elsewhere Bethany planned to move Thomas to her friend’s cabin in order to give him better protection; however, her plan was interrupted when Vance dragged her in for questioning. Throughout the episode, Ben kept hearing the voice saying “it’s all connected” but tried to put it aside in order to have a fun day with Cal at Coney Island. The voice again returned after Cal led Ben on a wild goose chase that ended inside the boiler room where Thomas was waiting for Bethany to return! (“It’s all connected,” Cal explained to Ben). When someone came knocking Cal immediately assured a nervous Ben and Thomas that the person was friendly. It was Bethany’s wife who came to help Thomas escape to the cabin.

The true piece of the mystery emerged during the final flashback aboard Flight 828. While Ben and Michaela slept, Cal was drawn to a bright light beyond their row’s window shade. Leaning over and staring into it, he remarked, “It’s all connected.” It was the moment fans knew that we haven’t even broken the surface on this mystery. It seems like the writers are giving so much, and yet so little. That alone makes this series undeniably good and the ratings seem to speak for themselves.

As far as Cal goes, the writers seem to be hinted at a great part for him. After all, he was the one who saw the bright light and he’s the one telling everyone everything is connected. Our guess is that to solve this mystery we need to pay attention to the relationships between the characters and how they connect. While we won’t be able to solve that right away, we can start to pay closer attention to the clues left.

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This article was written by Samantha D’Amico. If you want to follow her on Twitter, you can do so at SAM_iamXO. (Photo: NBC.)

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