‘Shiptober 2018: Outlander, Supergirl, Hawaii Five-0, Grey’s Anatomy ‘ships make final four!

Shiptober 4Mrs. Carter: Round three of ‘Shiptober 2018 has reached its end — and the final four is now official!

After what was, for the most part, a contentious ‘shipping battle over the past several days, we’re left with what is absolutely an interesting combination. There is only one #1 seed still in the competition and while it does feel like there is a frontrunner, some of the past results do suggest that there could be a few more surprises in the days to come.

Let’s get now to revealing the final four — as a reminder, voting begins tomorrow and will continue on until October 29.

Jamie & Claire, Outlander – They were able to overtake Betty & Jughead of Riverdale to make it to this point, though Bughead also fell off with the votes after an impressive round 2 showing. While Outlander has been an incredibly-popular ‘ship at CarterMatt over the years, they ironically are the wild-card of the final four in that they’ve probably had the weakest competition so far. Many of their opponents have failed to bring in a large amount of support. On the flip side, Jamie/Claire haven’t needed too many votes to advance — why continue to rally when you don’t need to?

Kara & Lena, Supergirl – Supercorp has been, to date, the dominating force of ‘Shiptober — no real surprise, given that they are the reigning CarterMatt Awards ‘Ship of the Year, as well. They have received the most overall votes to date and have been the top vote-getters in two of the first-three rounds. The showdown against Magnus & Alec from Shadowhunters was the closest total battle of ‘Shiptober to date.

Steve & Danny, Hawaii Five-0 – McDanno is coming off of an incredibly-impressive ‘Shiptober battle against Lucifer & Chloe of Lucifer — an opponent who did not go quietly into the night. They’ve gotten stronger each and every round so moving into the final four, they have to be considered a serious force to be reckoned with. They started as a #3 seed, much like Supercorp, and are feeling very much now like a #1 seed.

Owen & Amelia, Grey’s Anatomy – As a #5 seed, Omelia are the clear underdogs of the tournament; yet, they’ve also taken down many a strong opponent (including Wayhaught from Wynonna Earp) and have at times done so using tight voting windows. They have to share the screen with so many other ‘ships on Grey’s Anatomy that it was hard to gauge their performance entering the tournament. There’s certainly no questioning it now.

What do you think about the final four of ‘Shiptober this year? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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