Chicago PD season 6 episode 5 review: Is Ruzek’s father a dirty cop?

Patrick John FluegerMoving into Chicago PD season 6 episode 5, we knew that there was going to be some problems with Ruzek and his father. As it turns out, those problems were worse than we realized.

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Could Adam’s dad actually be a dirty cop? Well, it turned out that while undercover on a drug-bust case, Ruzek determined that his dad (Jack Coleman) was actually working security at a nightclub. This was suspicious, but after having a conversation with him, he made it clear that this was just a side gig for extra cash. He was still a cop, after all, and he claimed he wasn’t looking for anything beyond a little bit of extra coin.

But was that actually the case? Things eventually got a little bit more complicated than they at first appeared, mostly because he didn’t heed most of the advice of his son to step away. Instead, Bob stuck around, and eventually it felt like he got too concerned over his son’s role in the case. He wasn’t dirty; instead, he turned up in the middle of a drug meet asking too many questions. Things got messy and soon after that, there were bullets. In the midst of a shootout, most of the guys responsible were taken in.

As for Bob, the bad news is that he got shot; however, the good news is that he survived. We also learned why he was doing what he was — he was broke, and was desperately in need for money. He knew that his boss was up to some shady stuff, but he looked the other way because he didn’t want to lose his house or anything else.

This is where Voight helped out Adam at the end, as the two tried to figure out the right way to factor him in as a part of the case after the fact. They wanted to help him ensure that he was taken care of so he didn’t have to feel the way that he did, like he was desperate and would have to ask his son for help.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Chicago PD season 6 episode 5 delivered what was a surprisingly emotional father/son tale and one of Patrick John Flueger’s better performances that we’ve seen for some time. Yet, we learned a lot about Ruzek in the process and while this episode didn’t necessarily bring us new ground on any long-term stories, it was at least nice to have a personal spotlight.

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