Chicago Med season 4 episode 5 review: The saga of Emily, Bernie, and Ethan

Chicago MedChicago Med season 4 episode 5 was certainly one of the messier episodes of the whole seasons — but we mean that more in terms of what was going on with the characters than the actual quality of the show.

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For Ethan Choi, almost everything is becoming a hot mess thanks to the presence of his sister Emily and also Bernie, the man she was seeing and the father of her unborn baby. As it turns out, Bernie is not exactly the man Ethan or Emily thought. Not only is he still falling off the wagon, but he is actually also married and has a kid. all of this came to a head after Emily met Bernie’s other family after he relapsed and ended up back in the hospital. (This was an interesting role for C.S. Lee, who we otherwise know as the goofy examiner on Dexter or as Harry Tang on Chuck.)

Here was the twist, shocking as it was — Emily still wasn’t interested in leaving Bernie even after everything that transpired tonight. She was just as mad at Ethan as anyone for setting up the confrontation in the first place.

Meanwhile, for Will Halstead he had to figure out how to continue to treat the mob boss he was renting a venue from, while at the same time also to continue to report on him to the cops. This was a tough position to be in and it’s something that he struggled with for most of the episode … especially when it comes to whether or not to tell Natalie. She was struggling with a difficult case involving an assault victim at the hospital, one that left her in a difficult problem due to protocol.

Protocol, as it turned out, was a major thorn in the side for Ava and Dr. Charles tonight, as well. They did their best to help a man who had Huntington’s Disease and refused to tell his son about it. He would rather die, but the problem there is that his son wouldn’t really know the truth about it. Thanks to Dr. Charles, though, there may be a way in order to help the son out for his future.

CarterMatt Verdict

Chicago Med season 4 episode 5 gave us a number of interesting stories, but we do still wonder a few things when it comes to these characters and the decisions that they are making. Take, for example, with Will: Why wait to tell Natalie the truth? Why not do that early? The secrets with these shows featuring adult characters are a little bit maddening. With Ethan, we at least understand his motives, frustrating as they may be sometimes. This is just the guy that he is.

Also, kudos to the writers for finally giving us some forward movement on Connor and Ava … we don’t need the arguing / apologizing forever.

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