Madam Secretary season 5 episode 3 review: Elizabeth’s next move towards Presidency

Madam Secretary season 4 premiereAt this point within the run of Madam Secretaryit is clear that Elizabeth McCord is running for President. Yet, over Sunday night’s episode, we got some more information on a number of platforms … including precisely what one of her key domestic platforms is going to be.

Elizabeth, apparently, is going for broke with this campaign and really wants to take a hard look at criminal justice reform. She wants to make the life of every American better, especially those who are born into circumstances where there are very few opportunities for them to get ahead themselves. It remains to be seen if America will bite on this, especially when there are a sea of people who prefer to just proclaim “criminals get what they deserve” at just about every instance.

Yet, we admire Elizabeth for that, just as we admire her putting China’s feet to the fire on the subject of unfair labor practices. She convinced them to actually make a move after publicly shaming them during a ceremony in which they did not attend. After an incident involving one of their workers, this was an opportunity for them to make a real commitment.

Behind the scenes, what we learned was that some of the Chinese officials did care perhaps more than what they let on. There was something deeply moving about watching them appear in secret at the makeshift memorial for the sweatshop worker, allowing them to express some sort of sympathy over what transpired. It was a reminder of the good in everyone, and that is a big part of what makes Madam Secretary great — showing real people from every background and demographic. They are all human, both good and bad.

Daisy’s big moment

Back at the main office, Daisy found herself trying to step in order to be a beacon for a number of underprivileged students who were hoping to meet Elizabeth. She was unable to make good on that, but what Daisy managed to arrange for them, both in terms of message and in terms of power, more than made up for it. She also had one of the best speeches of the night in talking about how the modern political climate, coupled with the recent attack on the White House, has her constantly worried — especially as a recently-new parent trying to just find a way to make ends meet.

CarterMatt Verdict

What we saw tonight from Madam Secretary season 5 episode 3 was a story very much about compromise, but also finding a way to take a step forward. Elizabeth has now made it clear that her Presidential run is serious business, and while we’re not sure we see it actively materialize this season, it is definitely still something to keep in mind as she continues to make the world a little bit better.

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