The Last Ship season 5 episode 7 review: The saga of Kelsey

The Last Ship season 5Over the past few weeks, one of the things that we’ve stressed in our The Last Ship reviews is that things are going to get worse far before they get better. With that in mind, just look for tonight’s new episode as a prime example. This episode is when things really went to hell in a hand-basket for a number of different characters — mostly the good guys at the Nathan James and beyond within the United States Navy.

One of the big problems that Chandler and the team have had is trying to under-estimate Kelsey. They know that she is in some way responsible for the deaths of thousands; yet, they didn’t necessarily watch her closely enough in interrogation, and maybe on some level they let her sister’s story get to them. While it may be true that Kelsey is being controlled by others, she’s a willing participant and a competent one to go along with it. That’s why, at the end of the end of the episode tonight, it looks as though the command center is under siege and that it seems, based on what Chandler and some of the ground team discovered, that this has been a plan in the works for a while.

Right when the Navy thinks that they’re getting an advantage on Gustavo and the Colombian forces as a whole, they get hit with this curveball. They’ve been very crafty in their pursuit of destroying America and they seem to have a plan now to make it happen. They’ve infiltrated things from the inside, and really most of this episode was about the construction of said plan to take on the United States. It was a little bit of a different episode in that way; sure, we did have some battles and plenty of scenes from the US perspective (including one particularly gory one), but the main purpose of this episode seemed to be about understanding why Kelsey has made some of the moves that she has, and then also the events leading up to the execution of the big plan at the end of the hour.

We’ve also stressed all season that nobody within the world of The Last Ship is safe … and we certainly feel that now more than ever.

CarterMatt Verdict

For the sake of establishing adversaries and also stakes, The Last Ship season 5 episode 7 was worthwhile. We do wish that some of the supporting characters were getting a little bit more screentime, but we cannot argue against the pace or the action that we’re getting so far this season. We’ve constantly been on the edge of our seat throughout.

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