The Last Ship season 5 episode 7 video: The operation on the ground

The Last Ship season 5The Last Ship season 5 episode 7 is coming your way on TNT Sunday night, and all early signs suggest this: Things are about to become incredibly intense.

This episode begins with many of the series’ characters in a spot of great peril. Fighting on the ground has been going on for days, and it doesn’t seem like Gustavo’s forces have any desire to let up their onslaught. With that, it’s tough for some tough decisions to be made … and you can get a sense of this at the end of the sneak peek below. The moment that you a ship preparing to fire, you know that things are going to get real. This is a violent episode where almost anything can happen, and we’re not banking on every single character getting out of here alive.

What does make season 5 stand out from some of the others at the moment is simply how much of it seems to exist at the moment under the cloud of war. There is carnage in almost every direction and it may not let up at all as we lead into the finale (which, unfortunately, is not all that far away). It may be too early to really write down all of our individual premiere expectations, but our feeling here is that we can get some closure on Gustavo war, and then also get a sense as to where some of these characters’ lives could be going from here. Even if not every single loose end is wrapped up, we want to think that there’s hope for this world. It has been through so much and in between the virus, the famine, this war, and anything/everything in between, these people deserve a real break. There will always be problems and setbacks, but can’t there also be some element of hope, as well?

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