After Luke Cage cancellation, are Daredevil, Jessica Jones in danger?

Following the stunning Luke Cage cancellation at Netflix, how worried should we be about the future of Daredevil and Jessica Jones?

The first thing that we want to note here is simply this: Being overly concerned and offering up a knee-jerk reaction is not entirely productive. Therefore, we’re not willing to do just that. Yet, we do think that losing Luke Cage this weekend sounds an alarm that was not there beforehand.

Why was Luke Cage canceled? Creative differences were one component in it. Yet, they were far from the only component. If this was the one thing holding the show back, we think that they would be worked out. We do think performance was a part of it, but so may be ownership since Netflix doesn’t have a ton of control over the property. Now that they’ve got a robust roster elsewhere Netflix doesn’t need their Marvel shows like they once did; meanwhile, Disney has their own streaming service coming up and they may not feel like having these shows on Netflix is as necessary anymore, either.

While it’s still possible that Luke Cage and the also-canceled Iron Fist turn up elsewhere, such as in a Heroes for Hire series, nothing is guaranteed there.

We just think that if you do love Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the best thing that you can do is watch them quickly after they debut on the air. Beyond that, the thing that Netflix could do to help them is to space things out a little bit. The superhero cup has runneth over this year with so many shows coming out in a very-limited period of time. This likely hurt both Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and we’re also slightly concerned that it may be hurting Daredevil now given that it’s launching not too long after the other shows.

While we think there’s a chance that Daredevil and Jessica Jones have a couple more years left in the tank, these abrupt moves on Netflix’s part show us that having confidence in their future is a bad move — especially when there are so many factors at play.

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