Blue Bloods season 9 episode 4 review: Did Jamie go too far?

Blue Bloods season 9

Tonight, Blue Bloods season 9 focused on a number of important stories amidst the backdrop of a blackout. Yet, perhaps the most important one showed that Jamie is very much struggling to treat Eddie like yet another cop in the precinct. His judgment is impaired, and with that, some work may be jeopardized.

The backdrop of the Jamko story tonight came via Eddie taking an assignment to lure out a dangerous criminal who was attacking women in the middle of the night. Jamie didn’t want her to take it, mostly because he felt like she was putting her life in danger when she didn’t need to. Yet, she continued to do her job and when she did lure the criminal out, Jamie came in and arrested him too early. The cops would be able to get him on some of the charges they wanted, but not all.

With this, Jamie showed that he cannot keep his feelings towards Eddie at bay while on the job. To go along with that, he also is struggling when it comes to trusting his other cops in this situation. That is troublesome.

As for what happened elsewhere within this episode…

Danny and Baez’s struggle – Basically, this entire episode was a race against time for the two to question a subject before they got tipped off by an ex. Interestingly, this storyline touched on some of the same themes as the one with Jamie / Eddie, but played out more for the subject / ex. We just wish that there was a little more time in this episode to develop it a little bit more … or for Danny and Baez to resolve the case beforehand. At the end of the episode, we learned that Clarissa (the subject) ended up jumping.

Frank’s unsettling truth – Tonight, the Commissioner had to contend with some not-so-pleasant secrets that emerged in the midst of the blackout. Basically, Frank had the responsibility of getting rid of a Chief after some unseemly news came out about them. He had to make sure that this person was sent away, even if it was difficult … and even though not everyone else agreed. Frank wasn’t going to can him outright; instead, he wanted either a demotion or early retirement.

Erin’s victory – Tonight, Erin found herself straddling the line between what the DA’s office wanted from her and what she wanted for herself. She didn’t want to prosecute a case against a woman who did everything that she could in order to protect her son. This was a powerful case and Erin stood firm — while ruffling feathers can be a good thing, it could eventually get her in trouble. She got what she wanted tonight, but at the same time, she may need to take on more responsibility in the future because of it.

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