Mr Mercedes season 2 finale preview: Brady Hartsfield, Bill Hodges – who’s really on trial?

Mr Mercedes season 2This has been a crazy season of Mr Mercedes and has even diverted onto a bit of an unbelievable path with Brady developing mind control powers while he was in a coma, but it’s all lead us to this moment and it’s a moment that’s been a long time coming for both Brady and Bill.

We have seen Brady kill a bunch of people, both physically, and using mind control, on purpose, and by accident, so we know he’s a bad guy, but we have also seen Bill crossing the line more than once over the past two seasons. The difference between them is that Bill is trying to help put away the bad guy and Brady is just a bad guy – unfortunately when it comes to the law intention doesn’t matter and that’s how we ended up where we are going into the season 2 finale next week.

In the promo that CarterMatt has for you below we see that not only is Brady on trial, but every single law that Bill broke is going to be under scrutiny as well. Brady’s defense lawyer is someone that has put many cops on trial and was able to hold them accountable and although Brady has killed a lot of people, it’s possible that he may get away with this. Now we aren’t saying that he’s going to be walking the streets again (who knows though, stranger things have happened on TV!), but it’s possible that he will be put in a psychiatric facility to live out the rest of his life in comfort.

So how is Brady’s lawyer going to make this happen? With the help of Felix and the experiments that were performed on Brady they are able to say that the medication has changed him – given him a conscious and therefore is no longer a threat to repeat these crimes (or any crimes) going forward. Whether or not it’s true that Brady has grown a conscious (which we seriously doubt) he has been able to convince a lot of people that it’s real including some of the public that is rallying behind him to save him.

Bill isn’t really a credible witness at this point and Brady may have a case against him! We never thought we’d see it turn around like this, but here we are. The one person that may actually be able to stop Brady from going free is Lou and they are hoping to get her on the stand to tell her story and help put him away for life. This promo definitely has us thinking that Brady may actually be able to slip out of this mess and move into season 3 free to kill again and while we don’t want Bill, Holly, Jerome or Ida in danger we do want to see Brady back in the saddle again. Harry Treadaway is dynamic as Brady and getting him out of that hospital bed and causing chaos again is what we love tuning in for every week.

With only two episode of Mr Mercedes left, how do you think it’s all going to end? Leave us a comment in the box below with your thoughts. (Photo: Audience network)

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