Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 4 review: Bi Nguyen leaves; the idol nullifier

Survivor: David vs. Goliath

Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 4 started out on what proved to be a really sad note: We had the second person leave this season for reasons unrelated to Tribal Council.

In the opening minutes of Wednesday night’s new episode, Bi Nguyen determined that she would leave the game after suffering the knee injury that she did on this past episode. Given that she is an athlete, she can’t take the risk of being out there and hurting herself further. It’s sad, but it also makes a great deal of sense.

Let’s get now to the next order of business, and that is the tribe swap and breaking down the teams.

New Orange (Vuku) Tribe – Kara, Natalia, Davie, Alec, and Elizabeth. This one was interesting given that Elizabeth and Kara almost immediately got close and that made Natalia panic … at least temporarily. The Goliaths still had the advantage, as they did with every group.

New Purple (Jabeni) Tribe – Nick, Natalie, Angelina, Mike, and Lyrsa. It didn’t take a whole lot of time for everyone could get on everyone’s nerves. This tribe was a mess and it seemed on paper like they were going to be absolutely doomed.

New Green (Tiva) Tribe – The Tiva tribe has on it Christian, Gabby, John, Dan, and Alison. Gabby felt like the odd person out, but she was incredibly useful during the immunity challenge.

Exile Island – Carl. This was tough for him, given that he cannot build social relationships while he’s out there. Yet, it did turn out that he found a rather-useful advantage in an idol nullifier. Basically, this gives him an opportunity to negate an idol that is played in the future. It’s an exciting twist!

What happened at immunity?

The Vuku tribe lost, and it was a really close competition between them and Jabeni. This didn’t feel like the most interesting configuration of players that we’ve seen this season, but we do like how hard everyone fought. Basically, every single person scrambled and was willing to do whatever in order to stick around.

Then, we got to Tribal Council and all hell broke loose. There was whispering, starting with Alec to Elizabeth, and we had a hard time figuring out just what was going to happen. Yet, we knew this — if we were Davie, we’d play the idol just out of paranoia. After Alec did that, though, we feel like he crossed the point of no return with some of the people on Goliath. He may have made his move to flip and with that, changed his entire course of the game … and that he did.

In getting rid of Natalia, Alec made the biggest move of the season. It may also be smarter than it seemed on the surface, given that we heard from Jeremy last week that the women were the ones in charge at Goliath. In getting rid of Natalia, Alec has flipped the entire power structure of the game.

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