Chicago PD season 6 episode 4 review: Kim’s ride-along; Antonio’s new problem

Kim BurgessTonight, Chicago PD season 6 episode 4 delivered what may have been its strongest episode this fall. It was a simple premise, but what was so effectively about it was how it escalated after that.

At the start of tonight’s episode, Brennan pushed Kim Burgess to bring in Kendra, the daughter of a prominent power player, on a ride-along. She wanted to be a cop, and having Burgess do it was a way for her to get some good favor. With that, she put on the old uniform and got back out on the street.

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This is where things got crazy, as the two ended up stumbling into a violent shootout situation. Kendra got out of the car after Burgess told her to hide, and that led to her becoming a valuable part in finally finding the guy. His name was Trent Stowe, and he was a man addicted to drugs who would do anything that he could in order to get them. That included murdering, robbing, and doing everything that he could along the way.

There were some hurdles that came up in the quest to bring in Stowe, including dealing with a brother who was not altogether reluctant to help. Kim, ultimately, had two decisions to make tonight, and these are ones that could end up defining her. First, she made the decision to not tell the IRT about Kendra being in the car, which was a move suggested by Brennan to keep things from getting messy. Yet, she regretted that and after the investigation, she went back to the IRT in order to make things right. She doesn’t have the IRT to worry about; instead, she has to worry about Voight, who was furious for her not initially being honest.

Meanwhile, Kim also decided to treat Trent when she found him rather than letting him die of an overdose. That wasn’t an easy thing for her to do, but she felt it was the right thing.

 Is Antonio addicted to painkillers?

Speaking of addiction, this is one that is going to be around for some time if he doesn’t get things right. He’s not telling anyone about the pills, and beyond that, he is pretending like he’s doing okay. Burgess’ story made life hell on her tonight, but Antonio’s struggle is one that could persevere.

CarterMatt Verdict

With a strong performance by Marina Squierciati plus also some really compelling subject matter, Chicago PD season 6 episode 4 established itself as the most consistent hour of the season. It was easy to follow, but at the same time emotionally weighty and ultimately memorable. That’s not a combination you get every week.

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