Roseanne Barr’s response to The Conners premiere is … short

The ConnersSo what does Roseanne Barr have to say about the surprise twist at the center of The Conners premiere? Let’s just say that it was blunt.

In a post on Twitter at the time of the premiere, here’s what Barr had to say after it was revealed that her character Roseanne Conner died of an opioid overdose: “I AIN’T DEAD, B—-ES!!!!” That’s basically about as Roseanne of a response as you’re going to get, and that is largely a response to people probably confusing her for her character on the internet. We’re not altogether sure that there is anything more to this at all beyond this.

Roseanne had said previously that she didn’t have any plans to destroy The Conners as a series or the cast and crew after its premiere; we know that she already has a settlement deal in place that allowed her to move away from the series that she helped to get off the ground in Roseanne. 

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We ultimately think that what matters so much more than the story of The Conners at the moment is the ratings for the show. It’s been rather hard in order to gauge the show’s possible success given that the idea of the spin-off is so divisive in the first place. It’s easy to see the numbers being great because of this being the first episode; yet, at the same time we can easily imagine them underwhelming after there were a number of people who spoke out against the mere idea of it.

Of course, we do wonder whether or not Roseanne herself will keep relatively quiet about The Conners as the series goes along. It’s one thing to be quiet about it now, but it’s another thing altogether to have to stay hush-hush on it over the course of a whole ten-episode season, especially when she is being peppered with questions all about it left and right.

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