Mayans MC episode 7 review: Is EZ Reyes now on the outs?

Mayans MC - JD PardoWith every episode of Mayans MCit feels like there are pieces being moved around the board. While Miguel thought he made a step forward tonight, the end of this installment may be proof-positive that this is not actually the case.

At the conclusion of the episode tonight, you could see the DEA swirling around Miguel Galindo even after he got away from the border. Nothing was actually getting easier for him and his suddenly-reunited family, and, for the time being, it seems like the rebels are the ones winning out. The writers went hard tonight with the whole “cockroach” analogy, and that made some sense given that it certainly felt more and more applicable as time went on. These were characters who, somehow, found a way to keep going despite everything that happened to them. As it turns out, there are also some ties between Felipe and the group’s leader in Adelita that have been a little bit under wraps so far. In general, we are looking at someone here who has a personal motive for doing some of what she does.

As this episode progressed, one of the other general themes of it was seeing EZ Reyes finding himself in a position where there was a BOLO out on him and he had to figure out a way in which to handle that. He did rather smartly divert attention from the rest of the Mayans onto him, and by the end of the episode, he actually found himself relatively clear … though at the same time, we got a pretty good sense that the club still wasn’t happy with the increased attention surrounding them.

Also, this episode brought us Coco at his most violent and brutal, which mostly served as a reminder that this is who this character is … and also precisely what he is capable of. We’ve gotten to see a lot of this guy over the past few weeks, in between his complicated family life and also his questionable parenting ideas.

CarterMatt Verdict

Mayans MC episode 7 was certainly engrossing, even if it also had a surprising number of long Adelita conversations. At an hour and a half with commercials, this episode was long in general, though we understand the purpose of putting all of the different pieces out there so that when the feds show up at Miguel’s home at the end of the episode, we better understand how we got there and the game that has been played — as of right now, point Adelita once more. Yet, knowing what we do about the cartel and the complicated nature of alliances in this show in general, we do think that the tables will turn soon enough.

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