‘Shiptober 2018: Shadowhunters (Magnus / Alec) vs. Blindspot (Jane / Weller)

ShiptoberMrs. Carter: We’re now in the thick of October, and that means that another year of ‘Shiptober is upon us!

It’s a chance to celebrate some of the greatest ‘ships that the TV has to offer, and we’ve got a fun tournament this year to go along with it. Over the course of this month, we’ll be running some ‘Shiptober polls while also discussing what makes some of these couples so great and also sharing some teases / expectations for upcoming episodes! This is a chance to celebrate and discuss great ‘ships while gauging their popularity among readers at the same time. Only one ‘ship will be crowned the victor at the very end!

Voting Rules – Vote however often you like! Only one ‘ship from round 2 will move onward, and we are keeping these polls open until Sunday, October 21 at 1:00 p.m. Pacific time. The following day, the third round will officially begin. (All of the information needed can be found in the bracket image above.)

In this ‘Shiptober battle, we are keeping the second round going as Magnus & Alec of Shadowhunters are facing off against Jane & Weller of Blindspot. Which ‘ship is going to take things closer to the final round? Time will tell!

Magnus & Alec, Shadowhunters (#1 seed) – We cannot say that it’s all that much of a surprise to see these characters here. After all, Malec is very much considered to be one of the most loving, supportive ‘ships out there. They’ve had their fair share of trials, but they have a unique ability to put everything in perspective. They understand where their priorities should lie and that they, with the right mindset, can get through almost anything. That’s why they are such a perfect role model for a number of other ‘ships out there. In terms of ‘Shiptober Malec had a pretty impressive victory in the first round, but as is often the case with tournaments at CarterMatt, the challenge only increases from one round to the next. Moving forward, there is a rather-formidable opponent that lies ahead.

Jane & Weller, Blindspot (#5 seed) – With these two characters, we have one of the more complicated ‘ships out there just because it feels as though there is almost always something standing in their way. At the moment, it’s a little something known as memory loss and Jane now believing herself to be Remi. With that in mind, suddenly she’s in opposition to Weller rather than working alongside him. Despite this very-obvious bump in the road, though, we do still think that there is plenty of reason to have hope for these characters as time goes on in season 4. The Jeller fandom is a strong one, and it’s hard to imagine they would be satisfied with a less-than-favorable income after everything that transpired with the two. They’re also coming off of a big win in the first round: Jamie & Eddie of Blue Bloods were pretty strong contenders during their time in the tournament!

Now, it’s your turn

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